Pronouncing Italian Words and Food Correctly

Italian cuisine
Italian cuisine


Desicon Engineering Ltd., a construction and procurement firm in the petroleum industry, is headed by CEO and managing director Akanimo Udofia. Aside from managing a company with more than 4,000 employees, Akanimo Udofia enjoys Italian cuisine.

Dennis Mallow, an American professor with Italian ancestry, emphasized the need to acknowledge the correct pronunciation of Italian words, especially Italian food.

One common example of a mispronounced Italian food is marinara. Rather than pronouncing it with a hard R – “Mah-ree-nah-rah” – Italian Americans pronounce it with a rolled R. English-speaking tongues usually end up pronouncing it with a D, as with “Mahd-in-nahd.” The lack of the vowel at the end is due to the Anglicizing of the traditional Italian accent.

Another example is “mozzarella.” In America, people pronounce it as “Mo-zah-rel-luh,” but Italians pronounce it as “Mot-za-re-lah.” Lastly, “cannoli,” another popular Italian food, is usually pronounced as “Cuh-now-lee” – the correct pronunciation. Whereas American Italians pronounce it as “Guh-nowl,” leading to an interesting conversation with a vendor once they go to Italy to order it.


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