EYLA Gives Children the Opportunity to Attend Top Schools

Eastside Young Leaders Academy Image: eyla.org.uk
Eastside Young Leaders Academy
Image: eyla.org.uk



Akanimo Udofia oversees the operations of Desicon Engineering as managing director and CEO. Aside from managing the construction and procurement firm, Akanimo Udofia supports various organizations and charitable causes, including Eastside Young Leaders’ Academy.

Based in London, Eastside Young Leaders’ Academy recognizes the need to provide children, particularly those of African and Caribbean descent, an opportunity to become skilled and productive citizens through academic training. The organization was founded by former deputy mayor Ray Lewis, who made it his mission to transform at-risk children into responsible leaders.

To achieve this mission, EYLA awards scholarships to children who have limited financial resources but unlimited potential. Through the scholarship program, children have the chance to attend some of the best boarding and independent day schools in the country, including Bedales School, Bradfield College, and King Edward’s School. The academy also works with children’s families to help them prepare for opportunities.


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