Eastside Young Leaders’ Academy’s Alternative Provision Program

Eastside Young Leaders Academy Image: eyla.org.uk
Eastside Young Leaders Academy
Image: eyla.org.uk


Through education, Akanimo Udofia received opportunities to apply his knowledge and work for international companies. His personal experience also inspired him to advocate for the empowerment of children through education. As such, Akanimo Udofia supports Eastside Young Leaders Academy, a leadership development organization for African and Caribbean boys.

Eastside Young Leaders Academy, or EYLA, focuses on building young men’s character by instilling values such as academic excellence and hard work. To achieve such goals, EYLA initiates programs include the Alternative Provision curriculum in partnership with local schools and teachers.

The Alternative Provision program features a curriculum for young boys in need of positive direction and change in their lives. The curriculum helps students identify behaviors detrimental to their future, and counters these with positive reinforcement to nurture emotional intelligence. Students who undergo the Alternative Provision program will work with one academic mentor who is responsible for implementing study plans to steer the student towards a path of self-awareness, respect, and civic responsibility.


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