Urgent Solutions Needed for Akwa Ibom’s Clean Water Issues

Akwa Ibom State University Image: aksu.edu.ng
Akwa Ibom State University
Image: aksu.edu.ng


Akanimo Udofia provides quality oil field services as managing director and CEO of Desicon Engineering, Ltd., in Nigeria. Supporting a number of charitable organizations, Akanimo Udofia contributes to the Roots Medical Mission Charity and the Akwa Ibom Water Charity Project.

With sanitation and safe drinking water identified as a key Millennium Development Goal by the United Nations, the mostly rural state of Akwa Ibom suffers from a lack of these essential resources. A recent case analysis by members of the Akwa Ibom State University faculty presents a serious situation, in which the majority of the 50 percent of people who live in rural areas are unable to easily access potable water. Some rely on polluted springs, rivers, and lakes, while others travel significant distances each day in search of drinkable water. The result of this inadequate water supply is a prevalence of water-borne diseases and a lack of food.

Efforts to improve this situation must extend beyond the current capacities of the Akwa Ibom State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency. In recent years, working in tandem with international agencies, the state has created 83 mini-projects focused on clean water. Unfortunately, many of these had limited operational lifespans, with locals not consulted and pumping machines breaking down quickly. Report recommendations include creating a bottom-up community awareness of the issue, in ways that will reduce vandalism and ensure that local and state shareholders are working together to solve a seemingly intractable issue.


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