Most Talked About Business Topics for 2016

Employee Engagement pic
Employee Engagement

Desicon Engineering Limited’s managing director and CEO Akanimo Udofia established partnerships with international companies in the oil and gas industry. Throughout the extensive career of Akanimo Udofia in the global oil industry, business trends have changed because of societal, economic, and demographic shifts. The following are some of the most talked about business topics for 2016:

Employee engagement – According to Forbes, a rough estimate of 65 percent of employees do not display trust in management. This is a result of inconsistent feedback from the management, such as performance reviews or assessments.

Millennials in management – Older millennials who are in their early 30s are now qualified to hold middle management or executive positions. In the coming years, world business will be led by a new generation of leaders driven by company culture and philanthropic causes.

Diversity and inclusion – New trends see diversity as a driver of innovation. In world business, an inclusive culture is expected to influence a high performing workforce. For instance, gender parity has seen a steady 3 percent rise over the past 10 years and continues to gain momentum across various industries.


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