Eastside Young Leaders’ Academy Develops Boys into Leaders

 Eastside Young Leaders Academy Image: eyla.org.uk

Eastside Young Leaders Academy
Image: eyla.org.uk



From Lagos, Nigeria, Akanimo Udofia forged a successful career in the oil and gas industry through education. He completed a degree in business administration at the University of Uyo in Nigeria and pursued further studies at the Harvard Business School. To advocate for youth empowerment through education, Akanimo Udofia supports the Eastside Young Leaders’ Academy (EYLA).

EYLA is a London-based organization that aims to develop African and Caribbean boys into future leaders. Established in 2002, EYLA inculcates values such as hard work, self-worth, academic excellence, respect, and civic responsibility in scholars aged 8 to 18. The academy collaborates with schools and community groups to achieve each goal.

One of EYLA’s initiatives is the In-school Programme, or ISP. The academy’s trained facilitators work together with school partners to deliver motivational workshops. In each session, students unlearn undesirable behavior and learn new skills to become socially responsible adults. Some topics explored in the sessions are communication and assertiveness, academic coaching, and journey into adulthood.


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