EYLA’s In-School Programme Promotes Behavioral Changes for Success

 Eastside Young Leaders Academy Image: eyla.org.uk

Eastside Young Leaders Academy
Image: eyla.org.uk


Managing Director and CEO of Desicon Engineering Limited, Akanimo Udofia relies upon more than 25 years of oil and gas industry experience in Nigeria to oversee the company’s operations, growth, and general success. A dedicated member of the community, Akanimo Udofia supports several community efforts and organizations, including the Eastside Young Leaders Academy in London.

Committed to developing the leadership potential of young men from the Caribbean and Africa, the Eastside Young Leaders Academy (EYLA) offers several services, including its in-school programme (ISP). The academy’s in-school programme delivers EYLA’s award-winning services in the form of portable, motivational workshops. Taught by trained facilitators, the ISP workshops adhere to EYLA’s core beliefs and values while helping young men learn to make informed choices and unlearn negative behavioral trends.

Up to 30 boys can participate in a regular ISP workshop at a time. These students complete sessions about everything from patterns of their past to self-identity. The workshops also help them prepare for transitioning to secondary school. By the end of the ISP workshops, it is hoped that students have identified various barriers to their learning and set about removing these barriers. Students also learn to appreciate their individual learning styles and recognize the importance of self-discipline when it comes to making behavioral changes.


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